December 1, 2016

GDNS Featured in The Bark Magazine

Go Dog North Shore and Gunflint Lodge recently received a shout-out from our friends at The Bark Magazine in their December 2016 issue.  The article mentions the dog friendly amenities and activities available at Gunflint Lodge.  GDNS was highlighted for our work at the dog park and in the skijoring community.  Thanks Bark friends!  

May 5, 2015


Go Dog North Shore (GDNS) is beginning to explore potential spaces for a new dog park in Grand Marais.  The current park has and continues to serve dogs and their owners well.  However, GDNS believes that a fenced wooded space would provide an even more ideal setting for dogs and their owners to safely recreate and socialize off-leash.  GDNS will host an open house on Monday, May 18th at 6 pm at the Cook County Community Center Log Building in Grand Marais to brainstorm possible ideas for a future dog park.  All interested citizens including current and potential dog park users are encouraged to attend and share feedback with GDNS and Diane Booth, Director of the Cook County Community Center. 


February 16, 2015


Go Dog North Shore is pleased to partner with Cook County Dog Mushers Incorporated and Trail Center Lodge to bring you the Dog Days of Winter Sunday, March 8th on beautiful Poplar Lake located halfway up the historic Gunflint Trail.  Dog Days of Winter is a day-long event featuring a variety of dog sled races, snowman building contests, snow sculptures and skijoring races.  Please join us as we celebrate winter with our canine companions on the beautiful Gunflint Trail!  Follow our Facebook page for frequent updates! 


January 19, 2015


Go Dog North Shore is thrilled to partner with the North Superior Ski and Run Club to offer the 2015 Best in Snow Skijor Race at the Pincushion Mountain Ski Trails above the beautiful village of Grand Marais, MN.  Races will take place Sunday, February 15th.  Check out our Skijor Race page for further details! 


 December 22, 2013


Go Dog North Shore is proud hold the 2014 Best in Snow Skijor Race at the George Washington Pines Ski Trail outside of Grand Marais, MN.  There will be two races, a two mile race and a four mile race.   There is a maximum of one dog per skier.  For details on the race course see our Hike Bike Ski Swim page.  The race is geared towards beginners as well as advanced skiers and is intended to be a "fun" race aimed at promoting the sport of skijoring and raising funds for Go Dog North Shore.  Registration per team is $25.  Email for race and registration information. 


November 29, 2013


Big and handsome  Otis  was a real show stopper at the 2013 Grand Marais Christmas Parade.   

Big and handsome Otis was a real show stopper at the 2013 Grand Marais Christmas Parade. 

Go Dog North Shore wins "Best Holiday Spirit" in the 2013 Grand Marais Christmas Parade!  Over 20 dogs and their owners marched in this year's parade making Go Dog North Shore another show-stopper!  Thanks to all of the dogs and their owners for helping to make it our third successful parade of 2013!



November 1, 2013: Trapping season in northeastern is in full swing which means it's time to educate ourselves on keeping our dogs safe. 

Olive enjoys the beach at Grand Marais Harbor.   

Olive enjoys the beach at Grand Marais Harbor.   

Keep Your Dog Out of Traps


By Shawn Perich, editor of North Shore Highway 61


Every autumn a handful of dogs are caught in traps set for furbearing animals. Most trap sets include a smelly bait or potion intended to attract the target animal. Unfortunately for dogs, their noses may get them in trouble. Investigating the interesting smell leads them into the trap.

Usually when a dog is caught in a trap, the event is mostly a good scare for the dog and owner, because the dog may be released with minimal injury. However, if a dog is caught in a body-grip trap or a snare, the encounter may be fatal. That is unlikely to occur along the North Shore. A few years ago, the Minnesota DNR adopted a trapping rule to protect Canada lynx that requires body-grip traps to be recessed within a box, which keeps the trap out of reach of an inquisitive dog.

Dogs are mostly likely to encounter traps during the popular trapping season for pine marten and fisher, which is Nov. 30-Dec. 5. Usually the traps are set in wooded areas within walking distance of a road or trail. If there is snow, you may be able to see the trapper’s tracks. Regardless, just be extra-careful with your dog during this six-day season.

The general trapping season is from Oct. 19-Mar. 15, although most trapping efforts cease with the arrival of deep snow. Your dog is unlikely to encounter traps set for water-based furbearers such as mink and muskrat. Occasionally, foot-hold traps and snares for fox are set along or near roadsides, but body-grips are not used. If a dog is left in a snare for a length of time, it may choke. Foot-hold traps are less likely to cause a serious injury. They are used by researchers to trap wolves for radio collar studies.

If you dog gets caught in a trap, don’t panic. Unless the trap is a body-grip, the event probably isn’t life-threatening. Before attempting to release the dog, be sure to cover its head with a jacket or blanket. A dog in a trap is likely to bite you because it is frightened and panicking.

In Minnesota, all traps must have a tag identifying the owner. However, unless the trap is set on private land without permission or in another, unlawful manner, a dog owner has no recourse. Trappers are protected with a state anti-harassment law. If you take the trap, even if your dog was caught in it, you may be charged with theft. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to report such incidents to a DNR conservation officer.

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October 2013

Minnesota's North Shore Highlighted in The Bark Magazine

Our friends at The Bark Magazine  featured Minnesota's North Shore in the travel section of their Autumn 2013 issue.  The article highlighted the many dog-friendly aspects of the area and even gave a wag to the "new" dog park in Grand Marais.  Thanks Bark!  You get four paws up from us at Go Dog North Shore!